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What Are PBAs?

Burning Together

Prescribed Burn Associations, also known as PBAs, are partnerships between landowners, community members, and other interested stakeholders to implement prescribed burns. Think of a PBA as a locally-based organization of neighbors helping neighbors, coming together and combining resources, knowledge, and people to be able to implement prescribed burns that would be difficult for an individual alone. 

PBAs facilitate training, education, equipment, personnel, and technical assistance to promote safe and effective prescribed burning. They are instrumental in keeping costs low by pooling equipment and people and increasing knowledge and experience with prescribed fire. At their core PBAs work through reciprocity, cooperation and support of their members.

Find Your Local PBA

No PBA in your area?

Interested in starting your own?

Anyone can start a PBA by bringing landowners and members of a community together. Contact us for guidance and consultation.

PBAs are new to Washington, but have existed across the country for years.

You can get your PBA added to this national map here: